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Are libertarians heartless corporate shills?

The leftist reaction to libertarian ideas is fairly predictable – they tend to assume that assume anyone advocating them is either (a) in the pay of big corporations or (b) utterly indifferent to human suffering. Or both. The big corporations … Continue reading

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I was glad to be out of London while the rioting and looting was going on. It may have been chilly and damp in the Lake District, but it was also peaceful and quiet. Nevertheless, watching the footage on the … Continue reading

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Liberty as a moral principle

Unlike Sam, I am a natural rights libertarian. I believe that each of us enjoys the fundamental right of self-ownership, not because it is granted by government, or because it is god-given, but simply because we are human. From that … Continue reading

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Robust Political Economy

Sam has already mentioned Mark Pennington’s new book, Robust Political Economy – Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy, describing it as ‘required reading’. I’d like to add my own endorsement: this is an excellent book. For those of … Continue reading

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Let’s not muddy the waters over the big society benefits

A lot of people, both on the Left and the Right, are suspicious of David Cameron’s plans for the “big society”. The Left think it’s a way of making cuts sound cuddly, while the Right fears it will turn into … Continue reading

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