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In Defence of the Rehabilitation Revolution

There is a real problem at the heart of the government’s “Transforming Rehabilitation” programme: nearly half of those released from prison reoffend within a year. Given that we spend more than £3 billion annually on prisons, this represents a poor … Continue reading

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Pioneering Social Impact Bonds in the United Kingdom

Interview with Jane Newman, International Director at Social Finance UK. One of the most interesting trends in public-private partnerships (PPPs) is performance-based contracting—also known as payment-by-results—in which part of the contracting service provider’s remuneration is tied to the achievement of … Continue reading

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Unprincipled politics

At a meeting of the Adam Smith Institute’s Next Generation group this week, Sunday Telegraph columnist Iain Martin talked about the various failings of the Conservative Party. His primary criticism is that the Conservatives under David Cameron abandoned their principles … Continue reading

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Weekend notes

Detlev Schlichter is on typically forceful (and, yes, depressing) form over at Paper Money Collapse. We should accept that deleveraging is ultimately unavoidable. If it comes with a period of deflation – so be it. But we will get neither. … Continue reading

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End this pointless drug war

Christian Guy says there is no war on drugs. Perhaps he’s not familiar with a little country called the United States of America. Over the past 40 years, it has spent more than $1trn fighting its ‘war on drugs’. It … Continue reading

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Plain packaging for cigarettes

Richard White had an interesting piece on the Guardian website on Tuesday, concerning plain packaging laws for cigarettes. Mandatory plain packaging comes into force in Australia next year, and there is already talk of the UK adopting similar rules. The … Continue reading

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Some good news, at last

Courtesy of the Cato Institute’s Juan Carlos Hidalgo: Mexican President Felipe Calderón seems to be experiencing a dramatic change of mind regarding his war against drug cartels. Soon after a drug gang set fire to a casino in Monterrey a … Continue reading

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