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The Real Causes of Rising Healthcare Costs

According to the Los Angeles Times: U.S. healthcare spending grew 3.9% a year in 2009-2011, according to government data, the lowest growth rate since the government began tracking it in 1960, and down significantly from annual growth averaging 8.8% in 2001-2003. That … Continue reading

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The Role of Price Transparency in Healthcare Reform

A new report, released jointly by Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Heath Care Incentives Improvement Institute, suggests that the lack of price transparency in American healthcare is a serious and widespread problem. Their Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws gives … Continue reading

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The Time-Bomb Keeps Ticking

The Wall Street Journal recently carried an essay by David Wessel, author of the forthcoming book, “Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget”. It provides an excellent breakdown of the budget crisis looming over the federal government. Perhaps … Continue reading

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The third-party payment problem

It will probably have passed most British readers by, but US politicians have been talking a lot about contraception recently. The short version is this. First, the Obama administration decided to mandate that church-affiliated employers offer insurance that covers contraception, … Continue reading

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Healthcare reform must tackle funding

The coalition government’s healthcare reforms are in the news once again. My take on the proposals hasn’t changed a great deal since I wrote the following for The Spectator last year: They might help a little here and there, they … Continue reading

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Of Bismarck and Beveridge

Given the backdrop of controversy about the coalition government’s plans for the NHS, the Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index 2010 – which assesses health systems from the consumer’s perspective, looking at patient rights, waiting times, outcomes, range of services, and availability … Continue reading

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The NHS needs reform, but are Lansley’s the way to do it?

I am in two minds about Andrew Lansley’s proposed reforms of the National Health Service, the cornerstone of which is the transfer of commissioning responsibility from Primary Care Trusts to GP-consortia. On the one hand, the NHS desperately needs radical … Continue reading

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