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Should a university education be a right for those with academic ability?

NO University applications have fallen by 12 percent. Most people feel that this is a bad thing, that young people are being deprived of a great life experience, not to mention important skills, as a result of the planned rise … Continue reading

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Free schools good, profit motive better

I went on the BBC News Channel yesterday afternoon defending free schools against the charge that they would lower standards and lead to social segregation. First, it is worth re-capping what the ‘free schools agenda’ is all about. Essentially, it … Continue reading

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Why do so many jobs go to foreign-born workers?

When work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith suggested that British employers should hire British workers rather than relying on foreign labour, he was attacked by business leaders. And rightly so. It’s not as though our employers are hiring immigrants … Continue reading

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Bad news for free schools

The Financial Times reports that the Department for Education is not going to meet its target date for relaxing school building regulations. This is bad news for the government’s ‘free schools’ agenda. The idea behind free schools is a great … Continue reading

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CNBC: Students Protest UK Fee Rise

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