Tom Clougherty is currently living in Washington, DC, and working at a prominent libertarian think tank.

Before moving to the United States, Tom was executive director of the Adam Smith Institute, where he took overall responsibility for the Institute’s programmes, and divided his time between policy work, management, and fundraising. Tom remains a senior fellow of the Institute.

Before becoming executive director, Tom was the Institute’s director of policy, a role in which he oversaw the Institute’s research and publications, as well as its website, blog and media outreach. Before that he worked at another think-tank – the Globalisation Institute – where he was research director, focusing on free trade, enterprise-based solutions to poverty, and environmental policy.

Tom studied Law at the University of Cambridge, where he did surprisingly well considering how much time he spent on the golf course (earning a ‘blue’ in the process). Tom still claims to love the great outdoors and is a keen walker, but he actually spends most of his spare time engaged in wining, dining and other sedentary pursuits. His favourite film is Fellini’s 8 1/2, his favourite novel is Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage, and his favourite TV show is Mad Men.


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