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We’re just kicking the Greek can down the road

Like most of the EU’s big announcements these days, the recent bailout of Greece didn’t really change anything. Greece will still default, and the eurozone is still in crisis. But the can has been kicked down the road. The simple … Continue reading

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Debt reduction and economic growth

Here’s a letter I wrote to the Evening Standard last week. I’m not sure whether they published it or not. Too many people believe we have a choice between debt reduction and economic growth – that we can have one, … Continue reading

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Savage spending cuts

The chart above shows total UK public spending between 1997 and 2015 in constant 2005 £. Does that look like radical austerity to you? This is hardly an original point, but it’s worth restating until people start to notice: Britain … Continue reading

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The third-party payment problem

It will probably have passed most British readers by, but US politicians have been talking a lot about contraception recently. The short version is this. First, the Obama administration decided to mandate that church-affiliated employers offer insurance that covers contraception, … Continue reading

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Healthcare reform must tackle funding

The coalition government’s healthcare reforms are in the news once again. My take on the proposals hasn’t changed a great deal since I wrote the following for The Spectator last year: They might help a little here and there, they … Continue reading

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