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On Sky News: Stephen Hester’s RBS bonus


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Hester’s bonus

I was on Sky News earlier today talking about Stephen Hester’s £1m RBS bonus. To tell the truth, it isn’t a subject I relish tackling – there’s more nuance there than it’s easy to communicate in a short TV debate. … Continue reading

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Stuck in a rut

The McKinsey Global Institute’s latest report on debt and deleveraging contains the following diagram, which shows combined public and private debt in the ten largest developed economies over the last 20 years: In case the image is unclear, the sharply … Continue reading

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The anachronism of public service broadcasting

In last week’s Spectator, Charles Moore bemoaned the dumbing down of BBC Radio 3. In this week’s issue, several letters to the editor make the same point. Now, you may dismiss this as the snobbery of classical music afficionados. Or … Continue reading

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The runaway train

I’m currently reading The Declaration of Independents, by Reason magazine’s Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie. It’s a good read with a compelling central thesis, and I’ll write a proper review once I’ve finished it. But for now, here’s one passage … Continue reading

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Anthony Evans on low interest rates and QE

Professor Anthony Evans, of ESCP Europe, the Cobden Centre, and Kaledic Economics, has the given the following comment to Management Today, as part of their feature on whether the Bank of England should engage in more quantitative easing. I think … Continue reading

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Californian lefties don’t understand percentages

The Daily Mail (who else?) reports that reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been used in a left-wing political ad in California, which argues for higher taxes on the rich. The Courage Campaign, which is apparently backed by the California Federation of … Continue reading

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