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Another disaster waiting to happen

This morning’s City AM contained some admirably sound thinking on the European Commission’s proposal for a Europe-wide Financial Transaction Tax, which would involve imposing a minimum tax of 0.1 percent on bond trades and 0.01 percent on derivative trades. First, … Continue reading

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EU renegotiation – a shopping list

One is hard pressed to find much to smile about in the eurozone crisis, but one slight silver lining is that it may present the government with an opportunity to renegotiate our relationship with the EU. That doesn’t mean that … Continue reading

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The essence of liberalism

In The Times this week, Rachel Sylvester wrote of the Liberal Democrats: For years now, the third party has been a dustbin for protest votes, a “none of the above” rejection of the political elite… What is certain though is … Continue reading

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Plain packaging for cigarettes

Richard White had an interesting piece on the Guardian website on Tuesday, concerning plain packaging laws for cigarettes. Mandatory plain packaging comes into force in Australia next year, and there is already talk of the UK adopting similar rules. The … Continue reading

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The Tea Party tendency

In his speech at the Liberal Democrat Party conference yesterday, energy secretary Chris Huhne declared: “we need no Tea Party tendency in Britain”. My view is completely different – I would argue that a Tea Party tendency is precisely what … Continue reading

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Some good news, at last

Courtesy of the Cato Institute’s Juan Carlos Hidalgo: Mexican President Felipe Calderón seems to be experiencing a dramatic change of mind regarding his war against drug cartels. Soon after a drug gang set fire to a casino in Monterrey a … Continue reading

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Fiddling while Rome burns

I’ve been waiting to use that headline for a while, and the news that Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Italy’s credit rating to A is too good an opportunity to miss. And just in case you were thinking that A … Continue reading

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