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Are libertarians heartless corporate shills?

The leftist reaction to libertarian ideas is fairly predictable – they tend to assume that assume anyone advocating them is either (a) in the pay of big corporations or (b) utterly indifferent to human suffering. Or both. The big corporations … Continue reading

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In defence of tax havens

Taxing secret Swiss bank accounts held by British citizens is an easy win, and a helpful contribution to reducing the budget deficit, right? Well, perhaps. But I find it hard to muster much enthusiasm for the agreement announced by the … Continue reading

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Efficiency won’t cut it

Over at Cato-at-Liberty, Tad DeHaven gives us a taste of his recent testimony before a Senate committee: Most Americans agree that waste, fraud, and abuse in government programs is a problem. A recent poll of likely voters found that those … Continue reading

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I was glad to be out of London while the rioting and looting was going on. It may have been chilly and damp in the Lake District, but it was also peaceful and quiet. Nevertheless, watching the footage on the … Continue reading

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Are we doomed?

With so much bad news from the financial markets, it is becoming difficult to see the wood for the trees. This is my attempt to identify the main economic problems we face, and to explore their policy implications. Problem 1. … Continue reading

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Tackling short-termism

The FT reports that: Hungary’s government is trying to introduce legislation that would allow the state to charge three former prime ministers with “criminal” mismanagement of economic policy after the national debt spiralled upwards in the last decade. Superficially attractive … Continue reading

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Good things will come – if we’re prepared to wait

Three years on from the peak of the financial crisis, and the newspapers are still full of headlines that paint a grim economic picture. Whether it is lacklustre economics growth, dangerous sovereign debt, or renewed instability in the financial sector, … Continue reading

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