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Hayek and monetary stabilization

At the Hayek v Keynes debate at the LSE on Tuesday, George Selgin probably raised a few eyebrows when he pointed out that Hayek would, in theory, have been in favour of quantitative easing to prevent a deflation. That doesn’t … Continue reading

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Say no to Plan B

Today brings news that the British economy only grew by 0.2 percent in the second quarter of 2011. Predictably enough, this has led to renewed calls for a ‘Plan B’ for the economy. Typically, that means more borrowing, spending, and … Continue reading

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CNBC: Cameron Defends his Record

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Why do so many jobs go to foreign-born workers?

When work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith suggested that British employers should hire British workers rather than relying on foreign labour, he was attacked by business leaders. And rightly so. It’s not as though our employers are hiring immigrants … Continue reading

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Debunking Keynesians

Chris Edwards has a great piece on Cato-at-Liberty attacking former White House adviser Christina Romer’s Keynesian economics. Her assertion that “government spending on things like basic scientific research, education and infrastructure . . . helps increase future productivity” gets the … Continue reading

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