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Give us your money, taxpayers

Friday’s Financial Times contained a good summary of the tax rises and benefit reductions that are going to kick in in April (and beyond). It’s a useful list to refer to, since it’s easy to lose track of what the … Continue reading

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What is inflation?

Inflation, as commonly understood, is a general rise in prices, as measured by some index, such as the CPI, RPI or RPIX. On such an understanding, high commodity prices driven by strong demand (or limited supply) are ‘inflation’. So is … Continue reading

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The so-called surplus

According to City AM’s Julian Harris: The government’s preferred measure of borrowing, which excludes financial sector interventions, revealed a £3.7bn surplus, as tax revenues soared. Predictably, this has led to people asking, ‘what will Osborne do with the spare money?’ … Continue reading

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National Health Socialism in action

Yesterday’s report from the NHS Ombudsman, which found that hospitals were failing to meet even basic standards of care for the over-65s, made for grim reading. Without getting into the gruesome details of individual cases (see here for more), the … Continue reading

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A British Bill of Rights?

David Cameron has said that the government will establish a commission to consider a ‘British bill of rights’, according to PoliticsHome. On the face of it that sounds like a good thing – after all, we could certainly do with … Continue reading

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The growth agenda

At ConservativeIntelligence’s ‘Going for Growth’ conference yesterday, David Willetts MP (the Business, Innovation and Skills minister) outlined the government’s approach to getting the economy going. He made a number of interesting points, to which my responses are indented below. Firstly, … Continue reading

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Dalrymple on the Big Society

Theodore Dalrylmple is spot on about the ‘big society’ in today’s Daily Express: THE Big Society is a bad name for a sensible idea: namely that citizens should not rely upon the State and its bureaucracies for their own welfare. … Continue reading

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